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There is nothing better than putting the world to rights over a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake.  We aim to bring people together by hosting tea and coffee mornings where residents can get to know one another and do just that.  We hope this will engender community and for those who do not have as much contact with the outside world the chance to meet new people and to be in company.

The first coffee morning was held on a rainy April day but it did not dampen the spirits of those who were able to attend. It was a great opportunity for neighbours to make acquaintence over a hot brew and cake.

HVS will look to organise similar gatherings once a month at the home of a member who is willing to host. Let us know if you would like to host and your preferred number of attendees (just 4 or 6 is fine). We are aiming to hold a few coffee mornings on the same day with different hosts and a maximum of 8 people. Currently there are 23 coffee group members. If you have shown an interest, you will be contacted by email (check your junk folder!) or telephone with details of the next meeting and details of future coffee mornings will be posted in the Calendar. We thank Debbie Cox at Priesthawes for co-ordinating this group.

If you would like to be added to the coffee morning invitations list, or want to come to a coffee morning you found in the Calendar, please do email hvscoffee@gmail.com, or drop a note into The Dog House, Hankham Street.