Who doesn't like a refreshing sauvignon blanc as a quaffing wine on a balmy evening (the chardonnnay lovers)?  Or a meaty merlot to accompany a meaty dish?  Or how about a trockenbeerenauslese to accompany a rich dessert? Does English sparkling wine (much produced locally) match champagne?

And what about gin?  Once it was a Gordon's and Schweppes, but with the explosion of new boutique gin distilleries, the choice is wide and varied from Ableforth's Bathtub Gin (which you can get in Navy Strength) through Hoxton Gin to Yerburgh's Jam Jar Gin.  So which is your favourite mix of botanicals?

Our first meeting was a blind wine tasting held on 23rd May 2018 - see report and a list of wines tasted.  The next wine tasting evening will be on Thursday, 28th June and between sips, we can plan trips out to vineyards and gin bars.

If you wish to come, please email hvstasting@gmail.com.