We're here to help build the community


Hankham is a village without a church, without a shop and without a pub.  There is no centre in the village for the community to get together.

A committee formed to organise a village tea in June 2017 as part of the "Great Get Together" promoted by the Jo Cox foundation.  This was a great success, with over 190 people attending, and raising over £400 for the Jo Cox Foundation.  This demonstrated the village could come together and from that the Hankham Village Society (HVS for short) was born.

Our constitution says, "The principal aim of the Society is to promote a sense of community and neighbourliness among the residents of Hankham."  In 2018, we launched a number of activity groups, where members can get together, share interests and get to know each other better. We now have regular coffee mornings, gardening club meetings, weekly pilates classes and wine and gin tasting evenings. We are looking to expand the ways in which Hankham residents can share their interests by establishing new activity groups, and how we can better use this website to promote the interests of the village and its residents.

Above all, we are looking to bring the community together, and we think we are succeeding.


Become a member

Why not become a member?  The annual fee for membership is £10 per household.  Membership entitles you to participate in the activity groups and gives you a small discount for tickets to whole village events.

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Take part in an activity

HVS has set up the following activity groups for members: gardening, wine tasting / gin appreciation, pilates, coffee mornings and walking. More will follow and we welcome new ideas.  Which ones will you join? 

List of current activities