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If you are an expert gardener who wants to give beginners tips on how to plan and plant a garden, or one of those beginners keen to improve their gardening skills, then this will be the club for you.

The first meeting of the gardening group will be held on 29th May at 11.00 a.m.  Mary Dalton has kindly agreed to host the meeting at her home at Woodlands, Hankham Street, which is a minute's walk on the right hand side as you walk from the Primary School towards Hankham Motor Works. The format of future meetings will be discussed, and as there are plans to have a gardening club stall at the Summer Fayre, this will be discused too.  

If you wish to attend, please email

Gardening Club News September 2018

As summer slowly fades, HVS Gardening Club has proved to be a success for long established villagers as well as new residents.  Thanks to the club members who opened their gardens and invited their neighbours (some they were meeting for the first time!) to look round their garden and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and cake.  Everyone welcomed the chance to discuss plants and shrubs and to share the success or failures of their own garden.  There has been much talk about moles, rabbits, mice and my own experience of Siberian Hamsters (!) on the bird feeder.

The garden stall at the summer Fayre had an abundance of donated plants. Thank you to those who participated. Now that we know what is possible with a bit of forward planning I am sure we can put on a show for next year.

We may not have a village hall for big meetings but we do have a wealth of gardening knowledge and a network of emails which is a good way of keeping in contact with each other, if we have any questions that a more experienced member can help with, e.g. I have two pear trees that have a lot of hard fruit on them at the moment, but blink and they have turned to mush.  My question is: should I be picking them now?  Can anyone help?

It is harvest time and I am sure there are many of you with an abundance of fruit and veg.  I for one have more apples than I can eat.  Claire Taylor has just given her neighbour lots of quinces.  Should you find yourself in the same boat with more fruit or veg. than you can handle please drop me an email at and I can let the garden club members know so you can swap or share.

As we go into winter I thought we might have to put the garden club under wraps but there are still plenty of people who would like to meet up and chat about gardens and more importantly to share gardening experiences.  If you would like to host a garden meeting please could you send an email to  Would you please also state the maximum number of people you can take. 

One date for your diary is Saturday 13th October. Di Pett is hosting a garden meeting at her house between 10 and 12.  The address is 2 Hankham Street.  It is opposite Hankham Garage and has the nice glass work on the wall outside.  We don’t have a Hankham directory up and running as yet so can you please email me at  if you would like to attend and I will let Di know. This is an opportunity for those of you who work during the week and can’t make the daytime meetings.

Happy gardening

Esther Younie