Privacy Policy

We, the Hankham Village Society (HVS), take the privacy of personal data very seriously, and the purpose of this policy is to tell you what data we may collect from you and how we will use that data.

How we collect data

We will collect data in the following ways:

·       Data about you, your name, address and contact details, from the forms you complete when you become a member of HVS;

·       Information about your preferences for events and activities organised by HVS;

·       Feedback you may provide when asked about events and activities organised by HVS;

·       Information about your attendances at events and activities, including any information you supply to HVS when purchasing tickets for events or information about joining or attending activity groups;

·       By the use of cookies, information when you browse the website, hankhamvillagesociety.org, including information about the device from which you are browsing the website and the areas of the website you visit, to help us improve the performance of the website.  Information about your use of the website and any analytics of that usage is collected by Squarespace.com, who host our website;

·       Information about payments you make for membership and for ticketed events.

How we will use your personal data

The data you provide will be used by us as follows:-

·       To contact you in relation to events and activities by your chosen method of communication;

·       To keep a record of your attendance at events and activities organised by HVS;

·       To aggregate information about attendance at events and activities by everyone, including you, to gauge the overall success of the events;

·       To help us to perform our obligations to you;

·       To ensure that you meet any financial or other obligations to HVS.

Who will process you data?

In relation to your use of the website, the information will be collected and processed by Squarespace.com for the purposes of collating the analytics on usage of the website.

Other than Squarespace.com, HVS will be the only person to process your data, which we will retain ourselves.  Internally, your information will be provided to individual committee members to enable them to organise activities or events, and to contact you.  Such individuals will not be allowed to use your personal data which we collect other than for the limited purposes set out in the paragraph headed “How we will use your personal data” and then only to the extent necessary to carry out the activities of HVS.

If we suspect criminal or unlawful activity, HVS may pass personal data we have collected on you to law enforcement agencies.

Your right to unsubscribe

We will contact you only by those methods you have consented to us using.  You have the right at any time to withdraw your consent to HVS contacting you by any particular means or at all, by contacting HVS.

Your rights in relation to your personal data

You have the right to see the personal data HVS holds on you.  You can do so by writing to us.  We will provide you with a copy of all the personal data we hold about you.

If you feel any of the personal date we hold on you is incorrect, you may ask us to amend the incorrect data in writing, telling us what is incorrect and how it should be amended. 

We will ask you each year on membership renewal to confirm your contact details, to ensure we keep these up to date.  However, we would ask you to contact us if you do change any of your contact details or if you cease to be a member by moving out of Hankham or Rickney.

Retention of data

We will retain your data for as long as we are legally obliged to keep records in the event of a dispute arising between you and HVS.  If you cease to be a member or ask to unsubscribe to receiving information from us, then your data will not be used by us for any reason whatsoever. 

We have put in such technical and organisational measures as necessary to keep your data secure and to ensure that it is not used for any reason other than to enable HVS to meet its legal obligations to you or for uses to which you have consented and not withdrawn that consent.

Responsible Officer

If you have any questions or wish to contact us regarding this policy, the use of your personal data by HVS or to exercise any of your rights in relation to your personal data, then please contact John Quibell:-

·       By email at info@hankhamvillagesociety.org; or

·       By post at Hankham Village Society, The Dog House, Hankham Street, Hankham, Pevensey, East Sussex  BN24 5AY